Wikipedia Project

We found the Encyclopedia Americana to be concise and reputable.  The author of the information is a professor Johns Hopkins, are very prestigious school, leading us to think that the information is creditable. On the other hand, the Wikipedia site offered more information and photos, as well.  Linked with the article (at the touch of the TALK tab), are comments posted by interested parties.  The comments lens credence to the information posted. The Britannica site contained less information that Wikipedia, but there were links posted and a sidebar of photos that could be uploaded.  This would be helpful to add photos to presentations in class.  Both Britannica and Wikipedia are more memorable due to the images posted, such as the photo of the Dogon woman baking bread and mosque.




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I am one lucky gal! I am a mother of 5 amazing kids, 2 grandsons, and a passel of great students at Hillgrove High School. I love all things beautiful---nature, poetry, music...LIFE!
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