“flash” in time

Okay——–This will definitely NOT earn me a “Grandmother of the Year” award! Anyway, my visual remix is a picture of my grandsons at Orange Beach this summer.  I used pixlr for my project as a last resort.   My initial plan was to “creep” this photo into the final beach scene from the original Planet of the Apes movie.  Unfortunately, my creative brain far exceeds my technology brain (which isn’t saying much!), so I turned to plan B.  I guess I still had the juices flowing from my American Lit class earlier this morning.  We were discussing Native American origin myths and their belief in the spiritual connection between man and nature.  This sent me on a rabbit trail of how we are polluting the earth, and down the trail further to a nuclear blast that destroys the planet, and voila!…my grandsons witnessing the “flash” that ends the world.  For the picture, I adjusted color, contrast, and focus to imitate a nuclear flash, and then used a crinkled overlay to make it seem like the film of the photo was melting.  Finally, I added the text as verbal irony.

p.s.   May it never be…

About twroemer

I am one lucky gal! I am a mother of 5 amazing kids, 2 grandsons, and a passel of great students at Hillgrove High School. I love all things beautiful---nature, poetry, music...LIFE!
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3 Responses to “flash” in time

  1. Wow, I love your rabbit trail! I like the visual images juxtaposed with what should be a beautiful, peaceful place. What a great reminder of what we need to do to protect our Earth. I think you found an awesome way to incorporate this assignment into our classes.

  2. tabitharoper says:

    Very insightful! Nice link to American Literature!

  3. d cro says:

    This is a pretty good example of “transforming” and “adding value” to an original text through the remix process. I appreciate that you took the meanings in a different and unsettling direction, and good work exploring the editing options.

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