Ringtone remix

Boys.  Where would I be without them.  My sons helped me with this project.  I owe them BIG TIME! #AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments152


About twroemer

I am one lucky gal! I am a mother of 5 amazing kids, 2 grandsons, and a passel of great students at Hillgrove High School. I love all things beautiful---nature, poetry, music...LIFE!
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5 Responses to Ringtone remix

  1. I loved the mix of songs – this was awesome!!

  2. d cro says:

    Very nice job of linking tunes thematically… these flow together pretty well. Impressive.

  3. wewalker95 says:

    I like your choice of songs! I was laughing as a listened. Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  4. tabitharoper says:

    OMG! With your permission, I want this on my phone! I love it! Great job!

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